Sunday, November 19, 2017

Twelve Photos by Aaron Cobbett

New York City 
circa 2005 - 2017

1.Eli as Robin Hood   

2.Puma Black as a Warrior   

3.Chase Hostler as an Acrobat   

4.He-Man: Master of the Universe

5.Brian Tillman as Skeletor   

6 &7.Brian Tillman the Den   

9.Monroe Stevens   

10.Red Phone off the Hook   

11 & 12.AB Soto

Aaron Cobbett used to have a blog that he kept up regularly for many years called Pink & Wrinkly.  I first learned of it through Gengoroh Tagame’s recommendation, followed it closely and kept a file of the photos that I enjoyed, which were numerous.  I forget… it may have gotten hacked…  in any case, he started a new one called Rose et Ridé and I continued accumulating these images.  A friend of mine, another artist interested in this sort of photography didn’t share my enthusiasm for Cobbett’s work.  He pointed out how derivative it was, especially of Jim Bidgood’s delirious efforts, only slicker and more commercial.  I responded that Bidgood was certainly more original and wonderfully eccentric, but that he had stopped working long ago and Cobbett’s models represented a far wider range of ethnicities.  Cobbett also had his own particular peculiarities, fetishes and obsessions, and I couldn’t help feeling very strongly drawn to some of his models, especially as he costumed and shot them (especially Eli.)  Unfortunately his posting petered out and he got rid of those blogs; and my files were destroyed thanks to a ransom virus.  It took a lot of effort to find even a few of my old favorites, but some of his new work is almost as good.  I especially like this fellow called AB Soto.  A couple of the videos that Cobbett has designed and directed for him are worth watching, the best being Cha Cha Bitch.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Chase Hostler naked and erect

Chase Hostler 
photographed by Rick Day
New York City 2010

Word is that these few 
fugitive fully nude figures 
at the top of the page here 
were all just shot impromptu
following the last couple of shots 
there at the bottom of the page 
using the same white background 
though not the same black boots.
But note how he hides his face
first with just his hand and 
later with the black do rag 
then finally with both.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nightmare House and other recent paintings

Walter Robinson
Long Island City, Queens 
oil on card, acrylic on linen 
& oil on canvas

1.Nightmare House, 2016

2.Selfie Bathing, 2014

 3.Nurses’ Quarters 2016

4.Big America Texas II Burger, 2015

5.Death and the Body, 2015

6.Five Hundred Tim Hortons, 2014


7, 8 & 9.Backpage Chicago, 2012

10.Kool, 2015

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Premonition following an Evil Deed

David Lynch 
Hollywood CA 1995

This isn’t the first time that I’ve devoted a post to this extraordinary short film.  It isn’t the only great film that lasts less than a minute, but most of the others were made nearly a hundred years prior to this one.  Made for the Lumière et compagnie project put together by Sarah Moon and Philippe Poulet to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Cinema, it was shot by Peter Demming, using the original Cinematographe camera used by the Lumière Brothers, by daylight in one continuous shot employing five contiguous sets and elaborate planning and rehearsal.  So much happens so quickly within this bizarre little narrative that it was difficult to limit myself to only the images here.  It begins with cops approaching a boy’s corpse in a grassy lot. The premonition of the title is the mother's following her son’s death.  The story ends with the policeman coming to her door with the bad news, apparently as she foresaw.  In between are two visions, one idyllic and the other dystopian (the first evoking wealth and leisure and the second enslavement and science run amok.)  The transitions between the scenes were, by necessity, done in camera, according to the rules set down for this endeavor.  Even knowing how it was done, it is difficult to believe that it was not edited after shooting.