Friday, June 22, 2018

Children were deported.

Hungarian Jews deported to Auschwitz, May 1944; 

the Emptying of the   Warsaw Ghetto, 

German caption reads: 
Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs, May 1943;

Jewish children walking single-file in the street 
before their deportation to Treblinka, Warsaw, Poland
Roma children in Litzmannstadt Ghetto
embracing in front of German guards 
(Mendel Grossman?) 1942. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Charles Ray, sculptor

The sculptures reproduced below, life size and larger than life, are the thoughtful work of Charles Ray (born 1953).  He’s based in Los Angeles CA, but he grew up in the Midwest.  He’s the head of the sculpture department at UCLA.  It all has a lot to do with the enigma of perception.

1 Boy with Frog,  
2 Shoe Tying,  
3 School Play,  
4 Sleeping Woman,  
5 Horse and Rider,  
6 the New Beetle,  

7 Van Dyke Parks,  
8 Huck and Jim,  
9 Young Man,  
10 Girl on Pony

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sex Ritual Drawings by Elijah Burger

The drawings below, colored pencil on paper circa 2011 & 2015, are by Elijah Burgher, whom I first heard of as Ghost Vomit, which is the name of the blog he kept up for a number of years and which still exists, though he hasn’t added to it of late.  I was first told of his work by my friend, Gregg Woolard, a remarkable artist in his own right, sculptor, cabinet maker and carpenter (he designed and built the original bar at Max Fish and the one in the basement at the new place at Orchard & Delancey, along with the new storefront.)  Burgher is very closely associated with Richard Hawkins and AA Bronson, with whom he has collaborated, among others. The biographies of him on the net speak of him as being Chicago based, but last I heard he was living in Germany, in Berlin.

 1 Six Organs Ritual  

2 Liam vomiting Ectoplasm 

3 I’m reading these signs of the infidel hates me (after K Killian) 

Beacon to Beacon (for R Hawkins) 

5 Letting Blood 

6 In the Horny Depths below 

7 Minotaur 

8 Lucifer 

9 Bachelor with Flags and Demons (Gordon) 

10 Bachelor (Paul) 

11 Bachelor (Paul reclining)

12 Portrait of Jhon Balance as Talisman against Suicide.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rosemary's Baby's Supporting Cast

Rosemary’s Baby was released 50 years ago today. The Old Hollywood supporting players like Elisha Cook, Sidney Blackmer, Patsy Kelly, Ralph Bellamy & Hope Summers were cast based on their resemblance to drawings Polanski made for the characters. They bring an air of unnerving familiarity to the proceedings.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Joey Rico as Peter Puffer

If Peter Puffer plumped his pick of prickly peckers,
How many prickly peckers did Peter Puffer pick?
When Peter puffed the peckers that he picked,
They probed and pricked him as they plumped.
The puffed up peckers that Peter Puffer picked,
Pricked his proboscis as he pumped and purred.
Then Peter Puffer picked and plumped precisely
As many prickly peckers as he preferred to puff.