Saturday, February 17, 2018

Isle of Forgotten Sins

Edgar Ulmer 
Hollywood CA 1943 
starring Gale Sondergaard
& John Carradine

In honor of her hundred nineteenth birthday, a few shots from the opening of Ulmer's take on Das Rheingold, where Gale Sondergaard gives her morning instructions to her Rheinmaidens as another ship full of sailors makes dock.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Oliver Reed at Hammer Films

1960 - 1965

1&2.the Two Faces of Dr Jekyll

 3&4.the Pirates of Blood River

5&6.the Curse of the Werewolf

7&8.the Scarlet Blade

9&10.Night Creatures

11&12.the Brigand of Kandahar

I don’t know how many films Reed made at Hammer, but he went without credit on most of his early roles, including in the first pictured above, Terence Fisher’s the Two Faces of Dr Jekyll.  He got to work with the three best directors at Hammer: Terence Fisher, Freddie Francis and John Gilling.  He learned his craft as a film actor working with Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Lionel Jeffries, Jack MacGowran and their like.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Allegory of Envy

Dale Wittig 
pencil on paper 
January 2018
based on drawings by Leonardo da Vinci

In an effort to read and understand a series of drawings by Leonardo, I decided to make my own versions of them.  It helps that I’ve been interested in envy of late and doing my best to curb my own.  Not all of these allegorical figures and groups are intended to personify or illustrate aspects of this overwhelming emotion.  Some of the sketches I adapted were likely made by Leonardo in preparation for court spectacles and amusements. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Freddie Francis 
Hammer Films
Isle of Purbeck
Not the best work of the director or the star, but it shows Oliver Reed looking especially handsome and misunderstood, which is how I like to think of him today on his eightieth birthday.