Thursday, August 9, 2012

El Dios Chopan, Una Otra Vez

The more attentive Viewer may recall a previous Post which also centered on this particular young Sex God.   In the Interim I have found a great deal more Information regarding the young Man behind this particularly divine Persona.   What I'm showing here is a very small Portion of the numerous Photographs I've lately obtained through my diligent Search.   I've even managed to establish a Facebook Friendship with his current Public Character.   That he remains worth knowing in whatever Incarnation or Avatar he happens to employ should go without saying; and yet I felt the need for its Explicit Iteration should anyone doubt my Sincerity in any of the many Types of Friendship now available in our Brave New World of Virtual Community.

Though he appears to have given up Gogo Dancing two or three Years ago,  I've only recently become aware of his Abilities in that Area of Expertise.   I've found ample Evidence of his having distinguished himself to the Point of receiving Public Acknowledgement of his Supremacy in the Greater Los Angeles Area for his Efforts on several Occasions.   Below can be seen a few (too meagre) Frames which record one such Contest.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Flowers, Fruits, And Chairs

These old works of mine (some are from a good fifteen years ago) are interrelated on more than one level.   The three series from which they're drawn are here presented in reverse order of their making.   The chairs as portraits of artists as failed celebrities are from the Max Fish show Max Schumann and I did in 2009.   One may recall my three themes employed were the Obama Inauguration, the Golden Globes, and Chairs.   Max painted Logos.   The first thing that connects all these pieces here is that they were purchased by,  or lately presented for purchase to, Michael Dennison.   There were some others that I also sold him, but neglected to photograph (which is a shame, since they are much the best of the lot.)   The relatively conventional pastel and charcoal drawings of fruit and flower arrangements were made for the show at Wessel & O'Connor, but were not shown there (if I recall correctly.)   That would make this their first and only public showing, however virtual that may be.   The textile pattern designs (the earliest pieces here) were made for a textile firm in Los Angeles, which rejected them.   Some of them were sold from a show called Giftland at Printed Matter the following December, so no harm done.   I'll leave it to the viewer to figure out how they're all related, assuming it's worth the effort.   There needs to be some small level of difficulty in viewing art, even when faced with paintings and drawings as simple as these.  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

El Chico Con La Verga Expresiva

It's been a long while since I've added anything to this blog, not because I've had nothing to post, but because I've been busy with other matters and Blogger has changed its programs so that it is more difficult to present things as I would prefer without first changing the picture format.   All of these photos had to be switched from jpeg to bitmap or they would be uploaded sideways. 

Now on to more pleasant points of interest like this Peruvian lad's talking penis.  I've admired his many posts on one of my source sites for a few years now, despite, or perhaps precisely because of, the crude way he has of expressing himself.   He lets his dick do the talking for him and I find a good deal of wit in this visual convention he has established for himself.   I've seen a few pictures of his face without the sloppy digital scrawls he uses to mask his features and I can safely say it is not unpleasant.   Still he's no great classic beauty.   One doesn't have to possess such qualities of physical perfection in order to attract.   I like the space he inhabits in these photographs, the simple white curtain behind him in most of them, the quality of the light, the cheap furniture, the steel framed amber glass panels in the background, the sense of being comfortable at home, yet  able to express the need for companionship and the willingness to please.   I find him beautiful, whether he wants my appreciation or not.