Monday, August 6, 2012

Flowers, Fruits, And Chairs

These old works of mine (some are from a good fifteen years ago) are interrelated on more than one level.   The three series from which they're drawn are here presented in reverse order of their making.   The chairs as portraits of artists as failed celebrities are from the Max Fish show Max Schumann and I did in 2009.   One may recall my three themes employed were the Obama Inauguration, the Golden Globes, and Chairs.   Max painted Logos.   The first thing that connects all these pieces here is that they were purchased by,  or lately presented for purchase to, Michael Dennison.   There were some others that I also sold him, but neglected to photograph (which is a shame, since they are much the best of the lot.)   The relatively conventional pastel and charcoal drawings of fruit and flower arrangements were made for the show at Wessel & O'Connor, but were not shown there (if I recall correctly.)   That would make this their first and only public showing, however virtual that may be.   The textile pattern designs (the earliest pieces here) were made for a textile firm in Los Angeles, which rejected them.   Some of them were sold from a show called Giftland at Printed Matter the following December, so no harm done.   I'll leave it to the viewer to figure out how they're all related, assuming it's worth the effort.   There needs to be some small level of difficulty in viewing art, even when faced with paintings and drawings as simple as these.  

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