Thursday, August 9, 2012

El Dios Chopan, Una Otra Vez

The more attentive Viewer may recall a previous Post which also centered on this particular young Sex God.   In the Interim I have found a great deal more Information regarding the young Man behind this particularly divine Persona.   What I'm showing here is a very small Portion of the numerous Photographs I've lately obtained through my diligent Search.   I've even managed to establish a Facebook Friendship with his current Public Character.   That he remains worth knowing in whatever Incarnation or Avatar he happens to employ should go without saying; and yet I felt the need for its Explicit Iteration should anyone doubt my Sincerity in any of the many Types of Friendship now available in our Brave New World of Virtual Community.

Though he appears to have given up Gogo Dancing two or three Years ago,  I've only recently become aware of his Abilities in that Area of Expertise.   I've found ample Evidence of his having distinguished himself to the Point of receiving Public Acknowledgement of his Supremacy in the Greater Los Angeles Area for his Efforts on several Occasions.   Below can be seen a few (too meagre) Frames which record one such Contest.

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