Saturday, August 19, 2017

Late America

Eric Fischl 
oil on linen
Sag Harbor 
Long Island NY
2016 - 17 
1.Daddy’s Gone, Girl


3.Face Off  

4.Callie with Swan  

5.Growing Old in the Company of Women  

6.Feeding the Turtle  

7.Daddy’s Girl Age 11  


9.Late America

These were the paintings Eric Fischl showed in NYC a few months ago at the Skarstedt Gallery in Chelsea.  I first saw the last one down, the painting that gives the series its title, online, on Mr Fischl’s Facebook page, directed there by a friend in common.  These paintings are not as directly political as the recent caricatures he’s been making of members of Trump’s White House staff and officials.  They’re more ambiguous and disturbing, though they do seem to stem from the rise of Trump and the extremely disastrous course of US politics.  (Not that things were going so well before his idiotic success, what with perpetual war and mass deportations under Obama.)  One (spiritual) source for these paintings can be found in an anecdote Fischl posted on Facebook concerning the man whose company poured his new swimming pool, who coincidentally was also responsible for the foundations for Trump Tower (Trump stiffed him for 99% of his bill and yet the man ended up voting for him these many years later.)  It’s worth reading in its entirety, and these paintings are worth seeing in person.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fucking Nut House!

Twin Peaks: the Return part 14 
We are like the Dreamer
David Lynch & Mark Frost
Snoqualmie WA & Los Angeles CA 2017

Chad, the dirty Deputy, locked in the jail cell forced to listen to the chirping, twittering, jabbering and mimicking of Naido and the man with the bleeding mouth (whom some viewers believe to be Billy) exclaims: Fucking Nut House! as he lays back in exasperation.  Given the Horne family’s history of mental illness it’s possible that Ghostwood is now home to a Hospital for the mentally distressed and that Audrey lives there. Sophie (Emily Stofle) admonishes Megan (Shane Lynch) for getting high in the Nut House and warns her to not go to that Nut Place.  Indeed, the term ‘nut house’ is used repeatedly throughout part 14, and Freddie Sykes the Great Northern Security Guard with the magic green glove (obtained on instruction from the Fireman) is first shown this time sitting on the loading dock pulverizing a couple of walnuts.  (It probably needs noting that his character is said to come from the East End of London Town, that is Wapping, where the old central docks on the Thames are located, and that the concept of a Police Force, and the model for those found now in the US, originated there in the last decade of the Eighteenth Century, as the Marine Police were formed by the Merchants to stop their working class dockworkers from pilfering.) Yes, everything is becoming more connected in this story, but expanding as well.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jackrabbit's Palace and Beyond

Twin Peaks: the Return part 14
We are like the Dreamer
David Lynch & Mark Frost
Snoqualmie WA 2017

The centerpiece of this week's Twin Peaks was the long awaited trek to Jackrabbit's Palace and 253 yards beyond.  What they first found in that place beyond was Naido, the character Cooper encountered at the beginning of part 3 in the purple chamber.  Her eyes appear to have flaps of skin sown over them.  Her language is a lovely mixture of chirping and chattering, but when Hawk, Frank, Bobby and Andy find her she is still unconscious from her long fall.  It's Andy that ministers to her and when the Vortex opens above them at 2:53pm it is Andy who is sucked into it and transported to the dwelling of the Fireman (who, up until now, was known as ??????? or the Giant) to be given an understanding of all that has transpired and instructions for dealing with it.