Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dancers and Singers

Theyyam Dancers are following a tradition that is more than two thousand years old.  The dancers come from the lower classes in this strictly class based society.  The center of this form of worship is in Kolathunadu, Kerala.  Claire Boucher, usually known as Grimes, comes from a solidly middle class background in the strictly class bound society of Vancouver, British Columbia.  The traditions she follows in her singing and composition date back a few decades.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Had Joey not liked to get fucked.....

Had Joey not liked to get fucked,
his Present Job just might have sucked,
but the Pleasure it caused,
with his Consciousness paused,
made it seem that his Courage was plucked....

....the Guilt riding his Back was now bucked.

When "Gabriel's" Daddy was pissed,
his Orders were shouted not hissed,
but when "Gabe" raised his Arm,
his Black Hairs had a charm,
the Boy did what he must to get kissed....

....and his Aroma was not to be missed.

When Joey renamed himself "Rick",
it changed not a Hair of his Dick,
the Brown Shaft stayed aloft,
no, it never went soft,
when his Chinese Top shoved in his Prick....

....a Strong Storm in his Port made him slick.