Sunday, August 4, 2013

He isn't Mike Lamas in Pomona

It's best to get certain matters out of the way at the very beginning:
I didn't take any of the photographs included in this post,
though I did a fair amount of editing on every one included.

It's my understanding that the guy who once went by "Mike Lamas"
doesn't want contact with his many old admirers near and far,
but he fully appreciates their admiration and tries not to offend. 

It's been twenty years, as I figure it, since I've heard from him,
and I don't expect any more calls from him any time soon; and
it was he who called me, not the other way around, so I never did.

It's pretty clear from these recent pictures that he's kept in shape,
though this last batch are already more than five years out of date;
and nice to know he's got a younger friend to do yard work with.

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