Sunday, September 27, 2015

Barbara Jefford & Pina Bausch

in e la Nave va, Federico Fellini, 1983

I watched e la Nave va again last night, mostly for the pleasure of watching these two remarkable performers and the ways Fellini finds to photograph them.  Both women are presented as schemers, though la Principessa Lherimia (Bausch) appears the picture of innocence at first and, contrastedly, Ildebranda Cuffari (Jefford) proves far kinder than she first seems.

(the police chief's voice is the color of urine)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tyler & Grimes

or Claire and the Creator, the Pink Pamphlet, second issue, March 2016

As promised, the second issue of the Pink Pamphlet is concerned with a fictitious romance between two currently popular recording artists whose music I admire.  I don’t pretend to have their endorsement for making these pictures.  Certainly, the recent banning of Tyler from entering the UK for at least three years was a sad inspiration for many of these images, especially for those depicting the death of Orpheus as recounted in the eleventh book of the Metamorphoses (Ovid, 8CE.)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Two South Asian Muscle Dudes in Australia

Troy Weston and Chad Lucas (with friends) 
photographed by Bentley Race

Few real life couples have brought me as much entertainment as this couple of Australian muscle hounds of South Asian descent.  I'm assuming that the little PR on them was relatively true as they act very much as a couple when on video or film.  They fuck in a way that suggests that they know each others body nearly as well as their own.  Their belonging to each other means that each understands what gets the other off and their sexual excitement is contagious (in the most beneficial way possible: they make one feel youthful energy despite one's age.)  It isn't even necessarily a matter of love.  It is healthful lust.