Saturday, August 26, 2017

Will I be with the Rhinoceros?

Twin Peaks: the Return part 15 
There’s some Fear in Letting Go.  
David Lynch & Mark Frost
Snoqualmie WA 2017

Some of the loveliest shots of some of the loveliest scenery yet shown in the Return encase this rather squalid scene of what one must assume was the prelude to Steven Burnett’s suicide, the suicide itself and its immediate aftermath.  Gersten Hayward and Steven are wrapped in each others arms, both wearing deep magenta shirts that harmonize perfectly with the moss covered trees and the ferns carpeting the ground around them.  She does her best to dissuade him; but when Cyril Pons comes upon them, while walking his Boston Terrier, she bolts for the other side of the huge tree, in which they were nestled, and listens, waiting for the shot that soon comes.  Cyril high tails it to the nearby Fat Trout Trailer Park and informs Carl Rodd of everything he’s seen while pointing to Steven and Becky’s trailer.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Solar Eclipse

10:20 am Monday 
21 August 2017 
Alamo Square 
Western Addition 
San Francisco CA 

Like hundreds of others I went to the top of the nearest hill to get the clearest view of the celestial phenomenon I had but one chance to see.  Being where we were it wasn’t to be the total eclipse, but near enough and very lovely from where I stood.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Your Picture in your Fancy FBI Suit

Twin Peaks: the Return part 15
There's some Fear in Letting Go
David Lynch & Mark Frost 
Los Angeles CA & Snoqualmie WA

When asked by an interviewer what he thought of the theory that Richard is the son of Audrey and Mr C, Eamon Farren told him he would never make any assumptions, which as one may expect is neither endorsement nor dissuasion.  Assuming that Charlie is real and really Audrey's husband, it is unlikely that he would be Richard's dad because Ben Horne said that Richard never had a father.  Everything so far points to Mr C being Richard's father.  It certainly has been implied that he is.  Whether or not he is his biological father, he seems to be his spiritual father and now it looks like he has taken him under his wing.  Mr C said that they are going to talk.


Remember that Audrey and Wheeler had sex on his plane before he flew off to South America a couple of days before the explosion.  Without a paternity test it would be difficult to say who was Richard's father, even assuming that Mr C somehow inseminated the comatose Audrey (unless Mr C somehow just magically recognized his progeny, which may be possible as he seems to be some sort of magician.)  I'm sure it will all be cleared up (or not) by the next part or the one after that.  (However, I can't help thinking of the Old Curiosity Shop: Dickens wrote a scene that made it explicitly clear that Sally Brass and Daniel Quilp were the parents of the Marchioness, but deleted it from the published version because he felt it was well enough implied elsewhere in the novel that such was the case.)