Sunday, August 13, 2017

Víctor Galván photographed

by David Gremard Romero
(as Félix Frédéric d'Eon) 
Ciudad de México 2012

This is a small selection of the many photos David Gremard Romero took of Galván as figure studies for the commercial drawings he does under the name of Félix Frédéric d'Eon (unless that’s his real name and David Gremard Romero is the pseudonym, though perhaps neither one nor the other is his true name.)  For me, the photos are more compelling than the resultant drawings, as is the work he does under the name of Gremard Romero (from his French father and Mexican mother respectively.)  Víctor Galván is a banker, nudist and gay rights activist living in Ciudad de México.

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