Sunday, April 30, 2017

Eight Miniatures from Poet & Patron

Dale Wittig 
April 2017 
Harlem & Lower East Side NYC 
acrylic & pencil on gessoed card 
exhibited at 
Sebastian Brecht OCD Chocolate 
63 E4th St
1.Don Juan  
2.Ulli Rimkus  
3.Faith Wittig  
4.Juan Carlos Lamouth  
5.Susie Dennison  
6.Elizabeth Tudor  
7.Susie Dennison  
8.Courtney Love

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fayum Mummy Portraits & Funerary Shroud Portrait

Fayum Mummy Portraits
encaustic (beeswax & pigment) on wood panel 
Funerary Shroud Portrait 
tempera on linen 
Fayum & Antinoopolis Egypt 
circa AD 50 - 300

The largest surviving group of classical era panel paintings come from the Greek colonies of Egypt from the Roman era, the so called Fayum Portraits.  The painters employed both the hot and cold methods of encaustic painting, where beeswax, either molten or emulsified, is used as the primary binder for the pigment.  The paintings above all belong to the collection of the Metropolitan Museum on 5th Avenue in NYC.  The last one down is a life size portrait painted in tempera on linen.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Photo Collages of Toro Cabron

Jorge Mendoza 
Ciudad de México 
2010 - 2017

At his request, I removed numerous posts I had made (over the last few years) of his excellent and heroic homoerotic self portrait photos and photo collages, because he said that he was receiving pressure at work regarding his online activities and revelations; but he continued to post on twitter, and I noticed that the numerous other posts and re-posts of his pictures mostly remained.  So I’m returning some of the visual information I previously presented regarding him, in some presently altered forms.  Whether he is real or a fantasy composite, he remains an erotic ideal, which is not an entirely shameful thing to be.

Classical Roman Fresco Wall Murals

Villa of P Fannius Synistor  at Boscoreale 
& Imperial Villa  at Boscotrecase
Pompeii ca. 50–40 BC
Metropolitan Museum 5th Avenue
1.seated woman playing a kithara and woman seated side by side

3.woman holding a shield 

4.covered vase on pedestal 
5.sacrificial bull’s head (boukranion) with garland, wicker basket (cista mystica) and satyr mask

6.Perseus and Andromeda 

7.Polyphemus and Galatea

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stage set AMG

Theatrical Backdrops for Body Builders 
photographed by Robert Mizer 
for Athletic Model Guild
Pico Union Los Angeles 
circa 1960

1 - 6 John Manning & James Selig
7 Jim Rees
8 Jim Reno
9 Jim Rees
10 Johnny Yuma & Link Ramon

11 Johnny Yuma, Link Ramon & Jim Reno