Thursday, April 30, 2015

Burmese Pantomime of Barnaby Rudge

April 2015, Yangon, Myanmar
I considered calling this series of photographs Barnaby Rudge after Dickens’s early historical novel about the Gordon Riots, but it seemed like a bit of a stretch (though it still seems appropriate to me despite my inability to explain exactly why)  and would likely be misunderstood in light of the current revolutionary activity in Baltimore.   I doubt that even the few people alive who have read the book would understand the association I intended. (The novel's central character is a bit of a fool who finally finds his true calling in life as the natural born leader of a mob.) These pictures were made a couple of weeks ago in Yangon with the help of some friends there, and employ a few props and masks that were obtained rather cheaply in the street.  The setting is an outside wall of a Judicial Court building a few blocks from where I was staying.  As well as they could, I asked those posing to think of themselves as dancers in a revolutionary pageant.  

Cabron Boy, una Otra Vez

As he's shown himself less reluctant of late to show his real (and really rather handsome) face unblemished by digital smears, masks and wipes, it seemed a good time to construct another post in honor of this bullish young man from Guerrero.