Monday, February 20, 2017

Ander Guerrero

(aka Kevin)
Autorretratos Digitais
Santiago de Guayaquil Ecuador

Ander works as a Security Guard and, despite his own slender physique, he likes chubby ladies, whom he can be seen fucking rather vigorously in the videos he has posted to his twitter page.  Lucky Ladies. Still he doesn’t seem to mind being admired virtually by other types of women and even gays, just not directly.  There are also numerous videos of him alone, masturbating.  Lucky Viewers. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Alec McCowen in Frenzy

Frenzy by Alfred Hitchcock & Anthony Shaffer 
London UK 1972

Alec McCowen (26 May 1925 – 6 February 2017) plays the chief inspector in the necktie strangler case, Inspector Oxford, a reluctant gourmand, with Vivien Merchant as his gourmet wife, Mrs Oxford.  It is essentially the wife who cracks the case through her dinnertime conversations with her husband as he chokes down her startling meals, and it is her overwhelming conviction of Richard Blaney’s innocence that keeps the Inspector investigating long past the wrongful imprisonment of Jon Finch’s belligerent hero.  Through his toil Chief Inspector Oxford earns the right to deliver the final line of the film:  Mr Rusk, you’re not wearing your tie.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Nun and Zebra

16mm color movie, 9.5  min 
Jack Smith 
Lower East Side NYC 
1969 - 1971                                                                        

This short film contains some imagery that Smith would use again in Boiled Lobster of Lucky Landlady Lagoon. It stars Mario Montez as a lady with a zebra striped cigarette holder in need of a light and Irving Rosenthal as an admirer with a match.  As Jerry Tartaglia pointed out: the troublesome hair caught in the camera’s pressure plate is reminiscent of the cellophane tape in Scotch Tape. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Prince Jetter

Pinoy Cameraboy 
Manila Filipinas

You could usually hear children chattering or crying in the next room to where he had his camera set up for his posing and jack off sessions, and sometimes a young woman’s voice, which I assumed belongs to a very lovely wife.  I fondly remember one session where some fool was trying to bully him into exposing himself for free and Prince Jetter appeared to be a bit drunk.  He responded to the obnoxious clown with a story of how one of his tricks promised to take him to Hollywood and he let him blather on, though he knew the whole time it was bullshit.  You can imagine the sort of shit people promise when they’re desperate to have a perfectly handsome lad like this narcissist rip all his clothes off and put on a show.