Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Alex fucks Brandon Ley

from Mecos 2 (aka Mexican Cumwhores
recorded by Mecos Films in 2016
Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal

These images are screen captures from the followup to Mecos Films’ first offering through the San Francisco based Treasure Island Media.  Besides a second appearance by this outstanding bottom, Brandon Ley, it also marks the second appearance by Eduardo Lujan (who first appeared in a Mecos film some ten years ago in Selecion Mexicana 2 under the name of Erikk.)  While the top here, appearing as Alex (though he’s called Leo-Ing in their latest effort, Mecos 3 Mexican Buttsluts,) is not as handsome as Pedro T, Brandon’s previous partner, he’s not bad looking (though Spanish where Pedro was Mestizo,) has a kind of thick, though unfortunately circumcised, dick and does display the same sort of ardor as his predecessor, which seems to be precisely what Brandon enjoys.  As before, our young hero gets several hard poundings that leave him whimpering in ecstasy and demanding more.

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