Friday, February 3, 2017

Gerald Oglesby at AMG

Gerald Oglesby 
photographed by Bob Mizer  
for the Athletic Model Guild 
Los Angeles CA 1977

I’ve found conflicting reports regarding this model.  One gives his date of birth as 13 March 1952, while another source has him born in 1955.  He appears to be still alive, still living in LA and the recent photos I’ve found of him show him to be healthy and very handsome.  However, there is no public interest in his current life, as there is in what he was up to forty years ago, posing for Bob Mizer and a few other photographers he befriended.  Most of the stories concerning Gerald paint him as a troublesome, coke addicted hustler who played the bongos.  According to Mizer’s recently deciphered notations he was married, willing to top and bottom, fun loving and occasionally violent.  What comes through in the photographs is a sorrowful beauty that will continue to pierce and haunt the souls of viewers for as long as folk remain interested in Mizer’s often astounding work.  

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