Sunday, November 29, 2015

Refugees circa 1941

Girl on the Quay, 1941, Dead Bird, 1943, Village Boys, 1942, Hospital Ward, 1941, Evacuee Boy, 1942, Refugees, 1941, Landscape with Birds, 1940,  Memory of London, 1939
Lucian Freud, Paddington, London, England

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Premonition following an Evil Deed

David Lynch
Hollywood, California, 1996

David Lynch was invited by Sarah Moon and Philippe Poulet to celebrate the first centenary of cinema by making a film using the first motion picture camera, the original Cinematographe invented by the Lumière Brothers.  Thirty nine other film makers were also chosen to participate, but by common agreement Lynch's was the most ambitious and fully realized as an autonomous work.  He shot it at Gary D'Amico's place in the Hollywood Hills, where they built five closely adjacent sets.  D'Amico handled special effects on numerous projects for Lynch, including Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive.  There could be no editing of the film.  It had to be shot in one continuous take by sunlight and could last no more than fifty five seconds, and they were allowed only three chances to get it right.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Portraits 1944 - 1947, Lucian Freud

London, England

These are some of the paintings and drawings by Freud that I fell in love with when I was learning to paint.  I made portraits of myself and family members that were pastiches of the pictures above.  These all come from around the time of the end of the second world war, something Freud as a refugee Jew felt rather keenly.  These pictures are all based on scrupulously direct observation.  The paintings that he did from his imagination just prior to these were devoted most often to his fellow refugees, but those without the benefits of his family’s privilege.  The people who sat for the portraits above and below were mostly friends, fellow painters, family, and traveling companions.

Tico Patterson

photographed by Robert Mizer
Los Angeles, California, circa 1975

I know that my old friend, JET, spoke very fondly of Tico Patterson.  I don’t know if they ever met.  Tico was a porn model right around the time I started watching  and reading pornography.  I appreciate him much more now than I did then, especially when he hired himself out to Bob Mizer, which he started doing around 1965 when he was seventeen years old.  The first five photographs just below were taken when Tico was eighteen or there about.  The ones where he's sporting a cast on his leg were taken after his motorcycle accident in 1976.