Saturday, August 12, 2017

In Seventh Heaven

Twin Peaks: the Return part 13 
What Story is that, Charlie? 
David Lynch & Mark Frost
Las Vegas NV & Snoqualmie WA 2017

Two ostensibly cheerful scenes with sinister undercurrents, the opening and penultimate scenes of part 13, following two seemingly separate story lines that will eventually be joined; the first shows the gifts bestowed on Bushnell, Dougie, Janey E & Sonny Jim by the thankful Mitchum Brothers, Sandie, Candie & Mandie and the nearly closing one presents us with an unnerving reprise of an old classic Twin Peaks tune, James Hurley and two ghostly back-up singers giving us Just You from the second episode of the second season.  One may recall Maddie & Donna from the original and Maddie soon seeing a vision of BOB climbing over the Hayward’s sofa coming straight at her.  One may also recall the follow spot used in Maddie’s death scene in the seventh episode of the second season, which reappears here on Sonny Jim playing in his Jungle Gym Set.  The Song and the Spotlight should be read here as harbingers of imminent death.  One might also ask what those numbers are tattooed on (James’ girlfriend) Renee’s upper arm?

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