Wednesday, August 2, 2017

You're not gonna tell me what she said?!

Twin Peaks: the Return part 12 Let's rock!
David Lynch & Mark Frost
Los Angeles CA 2017

While last week's section was the most blatantly entertaining this Sunday's part 12 was the most artfully compelling and consequently the most divisive.  It marked the return of the second most popular character of the original Twin Peaks, Audrey Horne, but it showed her in a less than flattering light.  She appears to be seeking the help of her husband, Charlie, in discovering the whereabouts of her younger lover, Billy (likely the farmer who never showed up at that meeting on the logging road with Deputy Andy way back in part 7.)  She refers to Chuck, which is likely her name for her son Richard, and learns from Charlie that he stole Billy's truck.  Mostly she yells at and belittles her diminutive husband, who also may very well be her shrink.

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