Saturday, July 29, 2017

Twin Peaks: the Return part 11

There’s Fire where you are going.  
David Lynch & Mark Frost 
Snoqualmie WA 2017

This section of the Return appears to have been the most popular, not only because so much of it was set in the titular town, but because it hit so many of the notes familiar to those who loved the original series and doing so with an even greater mastery than previously seen thereabouts.  From the nearly murdered school teacher, Miriam, found crawling out of the woods by some kids who likely know her from school, to Shelly foolishly rushing to lend her vehicle to her deranged daughter, facilitating Becky’s attack on her rival’s door, to the chaos Deputy Bobby Briggs tries to contain inside and outside the RR Diner following a camouflage clad child shooting his dad’s loaded pistol through the restaurant windows, Lynch & Frost move their convoluted narrative with astounding ease through abrupt tonal shifts from pathos to grotesque comedy to horror to the uncanny and beyond. 

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