Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Spanking Master 2

Hal Roth
Filmco Studios
Hollywood CA 1992
starring Dakota Bradford
(as Bobby Cordova)

Harold Rothenberg, known simply as Hal Roth, was a major pornographer for about thirty years, from the early seventies until the late ninties, producing both straight and gay photographs, films and videos.  He knew and shared models with (the much more famous and admired) Bob Mizer and David Hurles.  His work is generally less artful, more blatantly pornographic, but he does appear from time to time in his own work; and considering that he wasn't particularly attractive, sexy or athletic, it strikes me as rather brave on his part to expose himself so.  He's the guy doing the spanking in these pictures, billed as Scot Arden, playing a character called Mr Brooks, a parole officer.  Dakota Bradford, billed as Bobby Cordova, plays Bradford, a subordinate parole officer, who likes to spank his parolees.  Mr Brooks chastises and spanks Bradford for his excessive behavior and then sucks him off.  These photographs are considerably more erotic than (and differ strikingly from) the video they are meant to document.

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