Monday, July 17, 2017

Dakota Bradford (aka Bobby Cordova)

photographed by David Hurles 
for Old Reliable Tape and Picture Company 
Hollywood CA 1990

I remember reading somewhere that soft spoken Dakota ended up in prison for a while.  I also read that he was responsible for accidentally blinding David Hurles in one eye.  (The two things are not related.)  Dakota of course also worked for Bob Mizer and Hal Roth.  He’s definitely in Come Clean, wrestling with the much larger Rod Garetto and more than holding his own.  (There’s probably a Filmco Spanking video featuring him, Spanking Master 2 perhaps.) There’s a disquieting air of sadness permeating most of his appearances on film, video and in these tattered and stained pictures that I came across the other day.  I used a close-up of him in the executioner’s mask from the first picture above as the underlying half-toned image for the poster advertising my play Sympathy at the Armpit Gallery twenty five years ago.  He was a remarkable model and I hope that he still is. 

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