Wednesday, July 26, 2017

There’s no backup for this.

Twin Peaks: the Return part 11 
There’s fire where you are going.  
David Lynch & Mark Frost
Los Angeles CA 2017

As Diane’s encrypted text message predicted, Bill Hastings led them to the site where he and Ruth found the entrance to the Zone and Major Briggs’ longtime refuge; and as she probably supposed when sending it, her message likely led to his demise, losing the upper half of his head to a Woodsman.  Gordon, on the other hand got a clear view of his Blue Rose vortex in the sky and beyond it to a charred staircase with three Woodsmen staring back, and was nearly sucked in before the timely intervention of Albert.  Ruth's headless corpse was found on the site and Albert photographed her all important left arm.  Diane’s unheard response to Detective Macklay’s naive call for backup suggests that this wasn’t her first encounter with this particular subgroup of peculiar phenomena.

Later, back at the Station, Gordon and Albert allow Diane to see the photo (or perhaps an altered version) that Albert took of Ruth's arm.  In doing so, they appear to mislead Diane concerning the coordinates that Mr C has been seeking.  Diane tells them that she saw the spectral Woodsman leave the police car after killing Bill, when in truth she saw him enter it, and in plenty of time to have warned them.  Coffee and doughnuts are served and Diane is permitted to smoke as they go over the events of the day.

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