Friday, July 21, 2017

How can you ever love me after what I did?

Twin Peaks: the Return part 10 Laura is the One.
David Lynch & Mark Frost
Las Vegas NV & Los Angeles CA 2017

After Candie accidentally smacks Rodney Mitchum in the face with the remote all hell breaks loose, but he doesn't retaliate.  It would appear to be against his personal code of ethics to smack her around. (Such cannot be said for Richard Horne.)  Candie comes to the forefront in this part of the story, separating herself from her little pink pack, at least temporarily, in order to add another layer of mystery to Lynch & Frost's already mysterious endeavor.  Her interaction later with Anthony Sinclair at the Silver Mustang Casino while being watched by her bosses, the Mitchum Brothers, via security camera, only deepens it.


Meanwhile, Janey E Jones rediscovers her carnal attraction to refurbished husband Dougie as he is being examined by their family physician.  It leads to a comically loud yet sincere orgasm as she rides him later, that night.  In his limited way, Dougie responds with genuine enthusiasm.

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