Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Twin Peaks: the Return part 13 What Story is that, Charlie?

David Lynch & Mark Frost 
Snoqualmie WA 2017

Audrey seems to have taken up residence in Ghostwood Estates, the project she was trying to prevent when she was severely injured in the Bank explosion at the end of the second season of Twin Peaks.  Her husband, Charlie, threatens to put an end to her story.  (In part 14 it appears that they make it to the front door, judging by a leaked photo.) The decor of her home might bring to mind Mrs Tremond’s abode, the old shut-in (whose grandson was studying to be a magician) who appeared in the second episode of the second season.  Her creamed corn can be seen on a plate next to the old trunk that serves Sarah Palmer as her table.  Perhaps Sarah also receives Meals on Wheels (which Trump plans to put an end to.)  Mrs Palmer appears to have also modeled her room after the earlier shut-in’s place. Big Ed Hurley simply sits in his Gas Farm haunted by a note that he wisely burns.

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