Friday, June 18, 2010

Un Pollo de Oxcutzcab

Just trying to keep the chicken theme going here: you see, there have been these rather strange and self-important protestors at the Farmers Market for the last few months who wanted to put an end to the sale of Live Chickens. They claimed that the chickens were being treated in an unusually cruel manner. Actually these chickens were quite healthy (though no doubt unhappy.) These protestors made a great many false claims regarding the chickens and themselves. Please understand: I have old friends whom I regard with the greatest possible respect who are Vegan Vegetarians and avid protestors... I have even done some protesting myself. But I would never go about trying to ruin the business of some small time farmer, especially when they are not raising their chickens under industrial conditions, and when these chickens are being sold to poor folk who consequently have personal knowledge of their chickens' lives and deaths.

These particular pictures of this very fine Mexican bird were taken in my friend Andres Mena's back yard in Oxcutzcab, Yucatan some seventeen years ago. His mom, Ade, is an excellent cook; and I remember how good the chickens tasted that she killed with her own hands.

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