Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Young Mexican Soldier In Brooklyn

A few years ago I found these pictures on an exhibitionist and dating site along with some provocative videos, which I downloaded but am no longer able to play. I made a collage from two of the photos. It's the last image displayed. I can only hope that the joining of head to body, in this instance, has not resulted in some subtly disturbing Frankenstein's Monster (though the body and head belong, in this case, to the same young man.) I also hope that some real physical rejoining of his actual body has not become necessary following a battlefield dismemberment. At the time he seemed very proud of his being in the military. I assumed he had joined to earn his citizenship, but there is a possibility that he just did it to attract the girls. There were other pictures, which I unfortunately failed to save before they disappeared, of this brilliant youth shining brightly in a dark dance club surrounded by countless female admirers. It seemed he had everything he wanted, at least for the moment.

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