Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Puppet On The Wall

I've been fooling around with these sorts of crude Figures made of Masks and empty Clothes since my very first consciously composed Photos.   The first Image I printed, when I took that Night School Introductory Photography Class after my Parents bought our first 35mm Pentax Camera, with the Automatic Setting (which was the First Thing I learned to turn off,) that conked out after Ten Years or so of Use, was a Black and White Picture of a Life Cast of my Face made of Latex coupled with a brown Summer Suit, purchased for my older Brother's Funeral, on a cheap metal Hanger in my Bedroom Window with the Late Afternoon Light creating mysterious Shadows and Highlights on the translucent Materials, seemingly bringing them to Life.  It was a kind of Puppet (which was my main Area of Study in College) and  its resultant Portrait proved very disturbing and charming to my Classmates.   I thus learned an important Lesson in grabbing the Attention of an Audience through the use of Lighting.

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