Monday, May 27, 2013

DJ Panxho

I came upon a Photo of this formidable Barista from Jalisco,
who moonlights as a Disk Jockey in a couple of LA Dance Clubs,
very much by accident this morning, accompanied by another,
less alluring guy, a Busser who identified Panxho as his Novio.
By learning his Name and finding all available Pictures of him,
I soon realized that I had seen and admired this bright Youth
weeks earlier when a small selection of them showed up on Tumblr.
Since his Family Name is the same as that of Mike Lamas's real one
(which I won't divulge so as not to further violate either's Privacy,)
and as both come from Guadalajara and resemble one another,
I can hope they may be Cousins, Brothers, or Father and Son.



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