Saturday, June 15, 2013

Benito, el Corredor de Monterrey

Benito is one of those rare Souls who has only grown more handsome with age,
and with that fortunate Beauty he has also grown clear in Authority and Purpose.

For ten years or more I've watched this brave Man reveal himself and his Feet,
for the Sake of Fellowship, so seldom rewarded, on dismal Internet Pages,
brightened only by the still shining Images that he has dared to leave there.

 In the photos that follow, the Barefoot Runner has caught the long sought Meal,
which he has helpfully identified as the Feet of his good hearted Brother,
and pays homage by devouring them with a Hunger that can never abate.

Here the Master of Soles awaits a Suppliant to service his well worn Toes,
to give him in turn the wet Pleasure he has so ardently and fraternally bestowed.

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