Friday, November 8, 2013

Gil Cortez's Bisexual Birthday Party

A photograph of the Porn God, Gilberto Cortez, was the first Image to ever grace the virtual Pages of this Blog; and despite the dearth of available Likenesses of this particular Deity, I feel compelled to show more here lest he be too soon forgotten and replaced by some lesser Idol in the imaginations of those who sometimes share my admiration for Him.  So, after considerable diligent search, and quick but careful shooting and editing, I present these very recent Fruits of this heartfelt Labour for the passing pleasure of the few Onlookers to his Glory.  They're a pretty silly Bunch of Images memorializing an intentionally silly Event (complete with infantilizing Party Hats,) but Gil looks pretty damn sexy getting serviced; and I like how he's concentrating on what the Ladies are doing while he's being worshipped.  It speaks of a certain selflessness on his part that I find truly admirable and kind of godly.



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