Wednesday, July 16, 2014

El joven Adán


Not to be confused with the hero of Trocchi's great memoire disguised as a novel (even though that's how it's titled in its Spanish translation,) this post concerns a young man who lives not far outside of Los Angeles, California, and only graduated from high school a year ago, which puts his age at nineteen or twenty years. 

In the initial video he made for Bilatinmen (the company name of the photographer and film maker who shot most of these pictures, though I did a great deal of editing on them in the form of cropping, resizing, and color adjustment,) Adán says that he has been working out regularly since he was in eighth grade, which means that he's been laboring at that fine physique for six years or so now. 

Clearly the effort has paid off; and he's shown enough restraint so far that he's has not made himself look ridiculous or frightening (like a flayed carcass waiting to be cut into salable sections.)  He also says in his second video that he's straight and has so far only been involved in relationships with women, but that he has experimented some with transsexuals and admits that he likes that they have something extra (presumably he means their dicks.) 

He seems like a genuinely sweet kid, and I in no way mean to make light of him here.  He's unspeakably handsome and, in his way, demonstrably brave in speaking honestly about what he enjoys. 

His second video shows him being serviced by and fucking a fine young man called Angel, who looks slightly older but is obviously deserving of Adán's ardent exertions, which he receives gratefully.



I can only hope that eventually I may get to view his coupling with the well endowed lady of his dreams.

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