Saturday, August 30, 2014

Il Fiore delle Mille e Una Notte by Pier Paolo Pasolini

These frames come from the section of the film (in which Pasolini deals most straightforwardly with his own pain) that tellingly depicts the story of Aziz, Aziza, and Budur.  Aziz is betroathed to his cousin, Aziza, but on their wedding day he becomes madly enamored of the very dangerous Budur; and though he misses his own wedding, his fianc√© explains to him how to possess her rival (before she herself dies of a broken heart.)  Clearly Aziza is playing Pasolini’s part here, explaining everything for the benefit of his unfaithful lover Ninetto, who recently had decided to marry a young woman.  All but one of the images below come from a single scene and they are all set within Budur’s tent.  The final picture shows the consequence of Aziz’s confused and masochistic passion for Budur: his castration at her hands (and those of her entourage) for his subsequent unfaithfulness to her.

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