Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Figures in Landscapes wearing Vintage Chanel

by Cindy Sherman

In the photographs above and below (though they don’t maintain the same grand scale as the previous series of the Mural figures) Cindy Sherman again presents herself as a group of fancifully dressed Titans, this time in relation to some very wild Romantic landscapes (shot in Iceland during a volcanic eruption and on the less volatile Island of Capri) that she actually went out and photographed (separately) in order to properly place her figures.  I believe that the resultant pictures first appeared in some magazine or other, but eventually found their way to the walls  of her dealers’ galleries, in a somewhat larger scale than that in which they first appeared on the page.  From what I’ve read, this series all began with an invitation by this magazine editor to select some fancy dresses from the Chanel Archive, around which she was to fashion a collection of characters.  The gowns and other outfits Sherman chose to wear were designed either by Coco Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld.

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