Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Miguel Temon Fucked

Miguel wants to know what I want him to do next?

Miguel Temon recently asked his followers and friends on facebook what they would have him do next?  (It has actually been a fairly long time since any new videos, in which he performed, have appeared, which probably means that it's been a while since he made any.)  I suggested that he pair up with another man along the lines of Simon Pike, since that was his finest hour on video and it looked like they both enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  It was especially nice to see Miguel worshiped as fully as he should be.  I have another suggestion for him, though, and I decided to place it here in the odd chance that he might see it or have it passed on.  I'd very much like to see him fucked from both ends (that is as the center in the three way position commonly known as a spit roast) and without reciprocation, preferably by a couple of older guys, and decidedly less macho than him, though seeing him with Juan Steel again and, say, Antonio Biaggi, would be very nice also.

While I wouldn't mind seeing Miguel with Gabriel D'Alessandro again, this time I'd like to see him share Miguel with another top, and both of them every bit as mean as he can play at being.  Not that I want to see Miguel at all hurt or actually humiliated, but I would like to see him play the submissive bottom to a couple of men decidedly less masculine than he appears, say Gabriel or Mario Romo and Joey Ricco in tandem, who purposely dominate him.  I suppose you could think of it as being another form of femdom.

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