Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ten Robert Siodmak Films

1 Criss Cross  

2 the Killers 

 3 the Suspect 

4 the File on Thelma Jordan 

5 the Dark Mirror 

6 Phantom Lady 

7 the Spiral Staircase

8 the Strange Case of Uncle Harry 

9 Christmas Holiday 

10 the Crimson Pirate 
There’s a huge gap in my knowledge of Siodmak’s work.  The only one of his European films with which I’m familiar is the famous collaboration Menschen am Sonntag (the first of his films that I saw projected.)  One can already see important aspects of his later work in it, but it is hardly characteristic of those movies he made that I watched as a child when they turned up on television.  Siodmak was one of the first film directors whose name I recognized (along with Hitchcock, Welles and Ford.)  Most of his films I’ve only come to lately, but Criss Cross, the Killers, Thelma Jordan, the Spiral Staircase, Uncle Harry and the Crimson Pirate are old friends.

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