Monday, August 15, 2016

John Vaccaro, 6 Dec 1929 - 7 Aug 2016

as the White Bat 
with Mario Montez as the Mermaid 
in Normal Love, Jack Smith 1963

John Vaccaro, founder of the Theatre of the Ridiculous, and a performer of some note in works by Jack Smith, Robert Whitman, and Walter DeMaria, as well as under his own direction in plays by Ronald Tavel, Kenneth Bernard and Charles Ludlam, died about a week ago after a failed attempt to fix an aneurysm by some surgeons in a hospital.  He was 86 years old and had stopped directing thirty years ago.  The pictures above and below come from the climax of Jack Smith’s Normal Love.  Vaccaro portrays the White Bat, a kind of Pierrot figure, the worshipful guardian and servant of Mario Montez’s Mermaid, the film’s central character or creature.

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