Friday, January 27, 2017

Dennis Lavia photographed by Bob Mizer

Dennis Lavia as a Chauffeur, a Roman Soldier, and a Peon
photographed by Robert Mizer for the Athletic Model Guild 
Los Angeles 1960

Some shots of the enthralling Dennis Lavia, these from about a year earlier than those below in the second group, and these all posed in the studio where the later ones were shot outside.  What a lucky fellow Mizer was to get to observe, position and inhale the scent of so perfect a being as Mr Lavia, but he more than earned the privilege through his persistence and courage.  It’s important to remember that he risked prosecution and imprisonment for all this work he couldn’t help doing.

Dennis Lavia in Lederhosen and Striped Briefs out in the Country
photographed by Bob Mizer for the Athletic Model Guild 
Los Angeles 1961

According to one of the decoders of Mizer’s mysterious notation that can be found alongside many of the models’ photographs when reproduced in the pages of Physique Pictorial, Dennis Lavia liked girls, was willing to be sucked, was a lover (presumably Bob’s,) and that he didn’t know what he really wanted. According to another interpreter, Dennis was orally inclined, masculine, willing to take it up the bum and more than a little dull.  I find the last interpretation unlikely in its accuracy, given the many times and locations Mizer chose to photograph this magnificent youth.


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