Friday, March 17, 2017

Jim Collette & Tommy Evans wrestling before Black Sequin Curtains

photographed by Robert Mizer 
for AMG & Physique Pictorial 
Los Angeles 1967

According to Bob Mizer, in the pages of Physique Pictorial, Jim Collette died in June 1968 from a lethal mixture of alcohol and pills while camping with a gang of Hippies in Colorado.  It sounds like they dumped his body in a river in hopes that it would look like he drowned.  Jim is the one Stage Left (or Audience Right) in the first six pictures above.  He’s the guy with the bigger pompadour, prettier face and more athletic body.  It should come as no great surprise that I haven’t got any information on Tommy Evans yet.  I’ll post more pictures of Jim alone later, but this longer set of him with Tommy deserved to be seen first, as I found exactly ten of them, and they’re so keenly lit, inky black and sparkly, and just a bit spooky.

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