Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 2009 Book Fair

These initial pictures are of my humble little table at the fair. Apparently it was a little too humble. I was told that the next year I would be expected to do something a little more spectacular; which I did do (or so I believe.) Everything that follows is related to the 2009 International Artists' Book Fair at P.S.1 in Queens. A fun time was had by most of those present and depicted.

These next images are of a young woman in a platinum wig or a very artificial looking hair do. I thought she looked like she belonged there, or in a museum, or an avant garde mortuary.

This short sequence of shots shows an anonymous young woman discovering the beauty and wit of My Little Golden Book.

These are a couple of old friends: the art historian and dealer, Barbara Moore; and the critic and obsessive collector, Vince Aletti. Vince was doing a book signing for The Disco Files.

Among the things I enjoyed doing to pass the time between sales, was admiring the beauty of some of the young men in attendance. Here I managed to capture two within the same frame. The red head seemed to me a sexier version of a young Malcolm McLaren.

These are pictures from the opening party at Deitch Projects' new Queens exhibition space, which may have already closed (I'm not sure: these big new art spaces come and go so quickly.) In any case, it provided a lovely view of Manhattan from the Queens' shore of the East River. The woman banging away at the drums in the subsequent pictures is of course my friend , Lizzie.

Here's a drawing I made while sitting at my table at the fair. I suppose I revert to old themes when working in such public settings.

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