Monday, December 3, 2012

A Caribbean Sailor in New York

The exquisite Young Man here depicted used two different Monikers in his Short Career in Gay Pornography, namely Sinbad and Pistol. Though he spoke both Spanish and English, he did so with a French Accent, which may lead one to believe that this West Indian Islander came from Haiti on the Island of Hispaniola. As one can see, he was amiably versatile in his Proclivities and well worth watching in all the Activities he was paid to engage in. What became of him subsequent to these brief Semi-public Performances I'm sadly unable to say. One can only hope that he's as healthy and happy as he appears in these Fugitive Stills surreptitiously pulled from that great Public Archive known as the Net. I truly wish him well and thank him here for all the Pleasure he has brought me and those others who so worship his undeniable and haunting Beauty.

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