Sunday, January 13, 2013

Samard Nhum, Circa 1995

Seventeen years ago I made a video tape recording of one of my exploratory sessions on my roommate's (Mpoy Ngondo's) web TV (an early internet provider, expensive, archaic and slow) while he was at work (with his permission.) Near the end of this long recording there are a number of photographs of Thai male models, mostly naked (though sometimes the genitals are crudely obscured,) and among these pictures is a group of photographs of a young, very muscular fellow with the false name of Samard Nhum. For many years I've searched the internet for further glimpses of this ethereal creature to little avail until recently, at which time I discovered the picture search on Google image, where one is able to upload an image to the engine in order to find various sites where it appears, so that one might find a better copy with higher resolution, or perhaps even the source of the image, and so on.... In order to make this search I went about shooting digital photographs from my television screen and piecing them together (as the web TV browser only presented the upper or lower parts of the photo within its frame.) These then are the fruits of these recent labors: not the new, higher resolution images I searched for, but the composite photographs taken from television screen, which I ended up finding more interesting.

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