Monday, January 14, 2013

Samard Nhum, Recent Finds

It was my coming upon the first picture above (on a site where I frequently visit and leave comments) that prompted my recently renewed interest in this model, as the image came from a set of photographs with which I was hitherto unfamiliar. It turned out to be a very large group of pictures. They are meant to represent the work of a photographer with whom Sam proceeds to couple:
Of the remainder of this vast series of images, perhaps more anon. (I'm not sure that I want to show them as whoever was responsible for this group of porn pics slathered the pancake make-up pretty heavily on Samard's handsome face. Maybe he had a few zits on that unfortunate day, but I would have prefered his visage less artificially and crudely made up.) For now I would like to present the fruits of my quest, crisper copies of those initial photos which fixed this guy so firmly in my imagination.

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