Monday, March 18, 2013

Mecos, las Peliculas del Diablo

One of the young men pictured above is responsible for the company in Mexico City that produced these photographs. That he works both behind and in front of the camera is information I only recently gathered from a neighbor and friend of his, whom I met in Los Angeles last month as our tables adjoined at the LA Art Book Fair at MOCA. I have been following the blog this fellow maintains on Tumblr and his old blog on Blogger pretty much since their inception a few years ago. Though I don't always appreciate the tastes in sexual play his posts reflect, I enjoy the general hedonistic tone with which he expresses his desires. I also happen to like the films he produces and the models he works with, especially the following two, who go by the names of El Puma and Tomas when they appear before his cameras.  Finally, I feel I should acknowledge the degree of commitment this film maker shows by his willingness to be pissed on for his art.


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