Saturday, April 13, 2013

Domingo Orejudos


Given the relative Popularity of my previous Dom Orejudos Post, I decided to add another.  The ones above, presented in the best Order that I could figure, show an Escape from a Military Prison, run by ambiguously ensigned (presumably Fascist) Officers or Bureaucrats with Whips.
The rest of these celebrations of Post-war Liberty are presented more or less grouped by theme and roughly sequentially.  There are the Fordian Cowboy Scenes emphasizing Social Harmony of another Kind, the ubiquitous Homeland Prison Scene, and some Medieval European Fantasy with Alienated Monarch, as well as West Side Story Rumbles and Rooftop Posing for the Leather Boys and Gals.



The Seafood is for my Dad and the aroused Photographer in Posing Strap below is especially for me.

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