Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jack Smith's Sunday Night Models

Clearly these are all photographs by Jack Smith from the period in the late fifties and early sixties when he was holding Sunday night posing sessions in his backroom Hyperbole Photography Studio, and just as clearly one can see by their varying degrees of resolution that I've gathered them here from a wide variety of sources available on the Internet.  I did so that they may be viewed together as a group.  I wish that they were all equally good prints of these great photos, but of course they're not.  Still, there can be no question of the great skill and inspiration that was required for their initial arrangement and shooting.

Among the many models who participated in these regularly scheduled orgies of highfalutin artistic expression one must take particular note of the contributions of Marian Zazeela, Mario Montez, Francis Francine, Jerry Sims, Irving Rosenthal, Arnold Rockwood, Naomi Levine, Ronald Tavel, Joel Markman, and Reese Haire.  The last named I'm not at all familiar with and may have misspelled, but felt it necessary to include since he was so identified (by the merchant who was selling the print) as a central figure in one of the loveliest and least seen of the pictures above.  It's the third one down and it seems can now only be seen through one of my posts a couple of weeks ago on the Tumblr version of this blog.  Images come and go so quickly around here.



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  1. This is another unusual instance where I choose to comment on one of my own little read posts. Since posting I've noticed that Reese Haire is one of the performers in Jack Smith's first official film as director, Scotch Tape; and I presume that if I investigate further I will probably find him in the cast list of some of Ken Jacobs's films as well.