Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poax y Los Tres Transexuales Brasileños

One of my favorite Genres of Queer Brazilian Pornography is the so-called She-male or Transexual, and largely because the Presence there of one particular Performer who goes by the Name of Poax.  Sometimes he is Poax Lenehan, and other times he is Poax Hoffin, and still others he is simply Poax.  In most of his Videos he is not the nominal Star.  The Star is usually the Lady with the large Dick who fucks him (or whom, on occasion, he fucks.)  He also does regular Gay Porn, but he seems especially enthusiastic when performing with Transexuals.  Much of the time in these Pictures he seems quite properly amused by what he happens to be up to, but thoroughly aroused none the less.

In this particular Narrative he has hooked up with three young Transexual Prostitutes, whom he has brought home for a private Party.  Two of them look to be of predominantly Indigenous Ancestry, are extremely handsome, convincingly feminine, and don't appear to have undergone cosmetic Surgery aside from their Breast Augmentation.  The third Lady looks to be of European Descent, has dyed Blonde Hair, pale Skin, and a homely Face (probably the result of botched facial Surgery.)  That this third Hooker isn't at all beautiful doesn't lessen the erotic quality of the scene.  Seeing Poax submit to such an unattractive Creature provides a distinctive Thrill all its own......

.....for the Characteristic that makes Poax so peculiarly desirable, aside from his handsome Features and his very powerfully Muscled Body, is his Desire to serve, his Need to submit.  Of course it really is the paradoxical combination of Strength and Subservience that makes his Performances so erotic.  I understand that it is somewhat contrived, that it is all very consciously set up, that (in a sense) I am being played for a Sucker.  It's all a big Confidence Game.  Poax is playing this Role; and yet, one feels a sneaking suspicion, especially with Pornography (though with other forms of Dramatic Entertaiment as well,) that its Effectiveness is dependent on the Performers actually feeling the Desires they are being paid to project.  The Ending of this particular Tale is rather amusing in that the Ladies are forced to get tough with Poax when he fails to pay them as much as they believe they have earned.  The Viewer is none too surprised to find that he ends up paying them everything they demand for the Pleasure of getting fucked.  It's what he needs.

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