Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Borrowed Tambourine Production Stills of the Stars of Cinemaroc-North African-Nikelodeon

These photos, of course, are not images that appear in the film No President, but production stills carefully composed using the performers costumed for filming in related though original tableau.  I wish I could find more of the photographs from this round of shooting sessions.  I don't have many and as one can see there are plenty of duplicates here, although Jack or his minions printed them in a variety of ways.  The only models used here whose names I know for certain are Mario Montez and Irving Rosenthal.  I just couldn't resist posting these as a group, in spite of having other images and texts that would better represent the troubles we collectively must face presently, but I 've been enjoying the work I've been doing getting these pictures ready for copying in paint and felt that I should share them first. 

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