Thursday, March 13, 2014

Un Joven Dios Costarriqueño


As with so many other gods, he's known by many names, and never by his true one.  You'll see him called Mator at one place and Theron or Jorge at another.  He looks very much like a good old friend of mine from Yucatan (when that friend was young;) but I have it on questionable authority that he resides in and hails from Costa Rica.  It should not matter, as he's omnipresent.


Those are the names of his women tattooed on his chest; and yet for sufficient cash he's open to pretty much anything in the way of sex (within reason.)  Handcuffs, dildos, underwear stuffed in his mouth: none of it has the power to degrade him.  It is all simply a test of his beguiling strengths.  When his friend fucks him hard, he smiles and laughs.  He knows how to make the most of the situation he finds himself in.


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