Thursday, April 10, 2014


Dino has appeared more than once on these pages, though the second time only in passing.  He bears a fuller viewing.  I mean to exhaust my store of images of him here and then delete his picture file to clear up storage space.  It isn't a sign of any lesser regard for these pictures or the model depicted (the very opposite, in fact.)  This is the most images I've ever presented in a single post.  I mean it as a reflection of my admiration for his great beauty.

Here, below, is part of the record of the first of his encounters on camera with another guy, su Compadre, Compa (or maybe Jorge, if the tattoo on his left arm is any clue to his identity.)  I'm assuming that they truly know each other because of the passion and composure with which they approach their coupling.  In a later video recording their roles are reversed, and then some: Dino fucks the heftier Compa while another guy watches and assists.  I rather prefer it this way, where it's just the two of them, and the smaller and more perfectly toned one plays pasivo (at least between these two.)  However, I should be clear in saying that I would gladly take them, singly or in tandem, in whatever way they allowed themselves to be presented, and that includes in the flesh.

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