Saturday, May 31, 2014

Diego (o Zeldak,) un otro Escort del DF

Though he spread quite a few of his provocative photographs over the internet and had himself set up as an escort, this particular character seems to have disappeared of late.  I hope it bodes well for him rather than ill.

 I don't particularly like to see pubic hair trimmed, let alone shaved, and some of the poses he gets himself into look uncomfortable and less than thoroughly sexy, but there's so much that I admire about this guy that I'm happy to look at even his clumsiest pictures; and as the video shows very well (though I've certainly never experienced his talents personally) he's an expert fucker.

As promised above, this is a video that he uploaded to some naked dude site last November, which I fortunately saved before it disappeared like the countless others I didn't have the foresight (or disk space) to save.  Though he may look a bit muscle bound in some of these pictures, one can not help but appreciate just how agile he is here and how well deserving of his efforts is the young man, whom he's so dexterously screwing. 

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